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Storage service for chilled, frozen products, With a humidity and temperature-controlled warehouses Covering temperatures for chilling, freezing and air-blast freezing. The service fee starts at 1 baht per kilogram per month. Providing cross-docking distribution service Providing rental service of material handling equipment in factories, such as conveyor belts, pallets, baskets, as well as providing services of repacking products according to customer requirements, with service area according to GHP’s ISO9000-2008 standards

There is a total of 40 cold storage rooms

The smallest room volume is 168 cubic meters

the largest cold room volume is 3800 cubic meters

20 degrees Celsius to plus 20 degrees Celsius.

Various room sizes to choose

Positive and negative temperatures

Room charter or per kilometer service

Co2 Savings Total

320 Tons

8,000 Kilometers

Our Services

With experience in cold storage for agricultural products for more than 30 years. At present, the Company has expanded the service area for cold storage by more than 20,000 square meters to serve both chilling and freezing customers and customers who need to freeze their products. The total service capacity is twelve thousand tons of goods. There are a total of 40 cold storage rooms with different capacities, supporting various customer needs. The smallest room volume is 168 cubic meters, and the largest cold room volume is 3800 cubic meters. We provide temperature control services from minus 20 degrees Celsius to plus 20 degrees Celsius.

Providing rental service of material handling equipment in factories, such as conveyor belts, pallets

Customers who need space for cross-docking We have space for renting for cross-docking activities, charging for one-time, daily, and weekly packages.

We provide temperature-controlled transportation services nationwide. For additional information regarding service fees, please inquire within the message box.

Distribution and transport with controlled and non-controlled temperatures (Logistics solution) The Company has an office with a cold room for rent; the monthly office rental starts at 7900 baht per 30 square meters (excluding electricity and water utilities).

Service rates start from 15 baht per kilogram.

Customers who need repacking services, We offer both rental space for repacking at rate starting from 3500 baht per day. and repacking service with flat-rate labor cost

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    Our Safety

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    cooling control system

    There is a cooling control system that reports real-time results, automatic temperature monitoring system, which you can check the past temperatures.
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    machine maintenance officer

    There is a machine maintenance officer to inspect the operation of the machine and temperature for 24 hours.

    fire alarm system

    There are fire alarm system, heat detection system, fire exits, practical equipment and fire extinguishers, as well as preparing a fire drill plan in the event of a fire every year.
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    warehouse system management

    There is a product management system or warehouse system management that can check the customer’s inventory, identify the status and the number of products deposited to be able to search for products accurately.

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