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In order to protect your business' perishable food and product, cold storage is the one best answer of this solution. Currently, a cold storage facility is not only significant for increased productivity or profits, but also important to maximize efficiency with minimum waste and spoiled good.

Chiangmai Burapa Frozen Storage Group is service provider of refrigerated storage. For over 20 years of experience in the cold storage business so you can rely on our efficient service as we aware as the customer product value. We proudly serve our clients with the superior service by the expertise in frozen storage business combined with advanced technology and skilled workers.

In concern of the value of product that our customer kept in our storage, we have actively been endeavoring to develop and servings of the best quality services to achieve our customer requirement, These things bring us the confidence and loyalty from our customers for a long time. With our company policy of quality that Chiang Mai Burapa is committed to keep develops and provide the best quality services in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

Chiangmai Burapa Frozen Storage Group Co.,Ltd was established in 1992 by Mr.Chairat and Mrs.Mullika Sae-tang . In the original Company name "Chiangmai Burapa Frozen Storage 1992

Since 2003,The company has succeeded to operate factory under ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards and received fully certification from URS.

From the ordinary name,Chiang Mai Burapa Frozen Storage 1992, the company has changed the company name to Chiang Mai Burapa Frozen Storage Group Co.,Ltd in 2004.

In 2005, the company expanded new service which was the freezing technology for customer to spend less time with remains freshness as long as they need. Moreover in same year, the company invested in the new freezer zone in order to serve higher need. For this new area, it provides more than 2,500 metric tons.

In 2007, The Company has joined the Environmental responsibility project by Faculty of Engineering Chiang Mai University and department of environmental quality promotion.

Since 2008, The Company has succeeded to operate factory under GMP management. This is guarantee that foods processed are safe and clean. The Company participates in Government project continuously, such as White Factory Project. This project has objective to prevent the addiction of drugs in the factory.

We also join Developed The Labors Standardized Program by Ministry of Labors and Social Welfare of Thailand in order to support the good quality of employees life. Company use concept of total energy management project (TEM5) by Department of industrial Promotion. This represents that we always concern to the energy and environment.

In 2010, the company has developed system to control more stabilize temperature by using new defrost technology under support fund from Department of alternative energy development and efficiency, ministry of energy, which mean the product can be kept in a controllable environment. You can keep product as long and as fresh as it could.

Moreover an installation of controlling the relative humidity tools in cold room, help customer confidences that product is stored in the best place.

Recently, The Company has totally more than 20 freezing rooms which have various sizes to serve the differences of customer need. We offer since the smallest area as 20 square meters. to the largest as 1,000 square meters. Company has utilized area approximately 7,000 square meters. The total capacity to contain is approximately 8,000 metric tons. 

To accomplish this we drive a strategy for growth that continuously increases our capacity and standard helps to serve our partners expand their businesses. Our strategy for growth results in a broad range of services and solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our clients and customers. The cornerstone of our strategy is the continuous improvement of our successful business model.

We constantly deliver expertise of cold storage solutions that give them a competitive advantage also continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes. The quality of our services is based on best practices and standards throughout our entire organization .With total commitment to quality throughout the organization, our staffs are well trained in the ways of maintaining consistent quality results. We consider ours employee to be the most valuable asset recognizing the significant of keeping development. To improve on their competency levels the company provides training programs to improve on the efficiency of their skills application. We also take cares of our staff by providing employees welfare benefits and living standards.

At Chiang Mai Burapa Frozen Storage Group Co., Ltd. we continue to strengthen our quality management systems in order to provide perfect service to satisfy our customers at all times. 

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